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Parent Update Regarding Homework & Reinforcement

You may have heard rumors that there will no longer be homework in Commack elementary schools or that there will no longer be math homework in Grades K to 3 or some variation of these rumors.  Know that these are just rumors.  The facts are: our schools have been involved in reviewing homework practices for some time as we extricate ourselves from the developmentally inappropriate portions of the Common Core curriculum, including its reinforcement assignments.

You may recall the homework surveys we sent home for parents to complete last spring, which are a part of our review.  At this time, we are continuing discussions about homework as it pertains to our overall academic program and our work toward the provision of an age-appropriate curriculum and reinforcement materials that align with that philosophy.  Therefore, as of now, the only change to our homework practices is that teachers have been asked to not send home any residual Common Core related (or other program) lengthy, overly complex, out-of-context worksheets, particularly in Grades K to 5.  In short, teachers were asked to not send home worksheets that do not align with the current curricular expectations.  Further, teachers were asked to not send home weekly homework assignments at the beginning of the week as the nature of a classroom may call for a change in plans and a lesson may not be taught, and students would then be left trying to complete homework out of context.  In keeping with good educational practice, teachers will send home reinforcement assignments that are in context with what is currently being taught; that are age appropriate; that were reviewed specifically in each class; and that align with current curricular expectations.  This may mean that teachers in Grades K to 3 will not send home publisher developed math worksheets for homework until our teams complete their review of instructional materials. However, there are other ways that teachers may send home teacher-developed math problems and age-appropriate math reinforcement activities at their discretion.  With regard to K-5 homework/reinforcement in other areas such as ELA, teachers continue to send home reinforcement activities that align with classroom instruction and are developmentally appropriate. 

Please note as committees and focus groups meet and determine recommendations for research-based homework guidelines, these guidelines, along with supporting research, will be communicated with parents in writing and during parent workshops.  Thank you for your understanding as we continually strive to provide the finest academic program for every Commack student.

If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher or your building principal.

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