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NYS Field Tests Information & FAQs

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2017 CHS & CMS Regents Exam Field Test
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is a field test?

Field testing allows for test questions to be tried out so the publisher can see how the test question works and determine whether or not to use that question in a future, “actual” test.  In other words, field testing ensures the validity and reliability of test questions used in the “actual” test.

What is the purpose of the NYS Regents exam field tests?

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) Office of State Assessment declared “field testing is a fundamental part of the test development process, ensuring the validity and reliability of the operational tests. These field tests contain questions that may only be used on New York State tests and benefit only our students and schools.” Students who participate in the NYS Field Tests do not receive a grade or score.

Can a school district refuse to administer the NYS Regents exam field tests?

No, according to a January 2013 NYSED Office of State Assessment memo, “all schools that administer New York State operational tests are also required to administer the field tests associated with those tests.”

A copy of this NYSED memo can be found at http://www.p12.nysed.gov/assessment/ei/2013/student-participation.pdf 

Can a parent/student refuse to take the NYS Regents exam field tests?

A parent or legal guardian may choose to have their child refuse, or more commonly known as “opt out,” of the NYS Field Test.

Should a parent or legal guardian choose to have their child refuse the NYS Field Tests, the parent or legal guardian must submit a hard copy letter, with original signature, to the principal of their child’s school. This letter must indicate that your child is refusing the NYS Field Tests for Regents Examinations and must include your child’s name, grade, homeroom (if applicable), date, and an original parent/legal guardian signature.



NYS Field Test

May 19, 2017

Commack Middle School

Common Core Algebra I

May 22, 2017

Commack High School

Global History

May 26, 2017

Commack High School

Common Core Algebra I

May 26, 2017

Commack High School


Grades 3-8 Field Test
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As you may know, this is the time of year that New York mandates that we administer various tests to students in Grades 3 through 8. In addition, districts are required to administer “field” tests at selected schools in various grades as determined by the State (see the schedule below). The District’s position has been and continues to be that we are against over-testing our youngest children and field testing is yet another unnecessary burden in that regard. However, we are required to administer these tests despite our vociferous objections. However, please be reminded that as stated in previous e-mails, here in Commack we believe it is a parent’s right to refuse to have their child sit for a State test and/or a field test of any kind by following the same procedure as they do for other State tests (see “Parent Choice” options below). 

Further, we pay very close attention to the social-emotional, well-being of all students. In that regard, we are aware that you might hear about or read stories on social media about districts that force students to take State tests if their parents forget to send in a refusal letter – this is not true in Commack. If a student indicates that his or her parent(s) do not want him/her to take the test, we call the parents immediately. You may have also heard or read stories depicting students under great duress while sitting for these tests. Know, too, that here in Commack we have highly trained and professional staff who monitor student stress and behavior during testing and would stop a test if necessary – a student’s health and well-being are paramount and we would not knowingly allow a student to remain in distress for any reason. It is important that parents know that we listen to students and monitor their behavior and body language especially during testing, will stop testing if there are concerns, provide support to the student, and communicate with parents should there be issues. Please remember that in Commack we always seek to strike a balance for students; a happy and healthy balance that will prepare them for whatever they want or need to achieve at their next level of learning.

Parent Choice Options:

Refuse the NYS Test or Field Test: If you wish to exercise your right to have your child refuse to take the test or field test, you must send in a signed letter stating such. If you have NOT already done so, you may send in a refusal letter at any time, and we will not administer the test to your child. In Grades 3-5, please have your child deliver the letter to their classroom teacher. If you are unsure whether the letter you sent in to refuse the earlier administered NYS ELA exam includes your refusal of field-testing, please send another letter as soon as possible.

Take the NYS Test or Field Test: Testing will begin promptly at the regular start of the school day. Students who arrive after the start of testing will not be permitted into the testing room. Additionally, please remind your child that cell phones, fitness trackers, and other electronic devices are not permitted in testing areas. Students are required to bring at least two sharpened #2 pencils to their testing rooms and are encouraged to bring a book to read upon completion and collection of the assessment. If your child brings a cell phone, fitness tracker or other electronic device to school, it will be collected and returned once the test is completed.

2017 Elementary Testing Schedule

School   Field Test  DurationTesting Date 
 Sawmill IS  Grade 4 Science 33-40 Minutes April 27, 2017 
 Burr IS  Grade 5 Math 40 Minutes June 7, 2017 
NOTE: If you have a child in the Middle School and/or High School, information regarding Regents field testing will arrive in a separate e-mail.
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