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Character Education

Character Education

As part of our on-going character-education curriculum, below find the list of traits that are spotlighted on a monthly basis. These Character-Education traits are discussed through Town-Meetings, Classroom activities and Arts-n- Education programs. In addition, we have included books that you may read to your children to support these ideals. In working together, we hope to develop and instill these traits in all students so that they become life-long learners and upstanding citizens.
Being a Good Citizen – Mary Small
Citizenship – Janet Riehecky
Everyone Counts: A Citizen’s Number Book – Elissa Grodin
I Am A Good Citizen – Mary Elizabeth Salzman
Community Spirit: Symbols of Citizenship in Communities – Angela Catalano
We Live Here Too – Kids Talk About Good Citizenship – Nancy Loewen
I’m Proud – Elizabeth Crary
I’m Terrific – Marjorie Weinman Sharmat


Honesty – Lucia Raatma
I Am Honest – Mary Elizabeth Salzmann
Alex Did It – Udo Weigelt
Arthur and the True Francine – Marc Tolon Brown
Arthur In A Pickle – Marc Tolon Brown
A Big Fat Enormous Lie – Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
The Cold and Hot Winter – Johanna Hurwitz
A Day’s Work – Eve Bunting
The Honest-to-Goodness-Truth – Pat McKissack
Junie B. Jones is not a Crook – Barbara Park
Mary Marony and the Chocolate Surprise – Suzy Kline
Lato’s Journey – Linda Talley

I Am Responsible- Mary Elizabeth Salzmann
Responsibility – Lucia Raatma
A Doll Named Dora Anne – Yona McDonough
Am I in Trouble? - Richard Curwin
Stanley and the Class Pet – Barney Salzberg


I Am Respectful - Mary Elizabeth Salzmann
Respect – Lucia Raatma
Respect and Take Care of Things – Cheri Meiners

I Wish I Were a Butterfly- James Howe
The Luckiest One of All – Bill Peet
The Mixed-Up Chameleon – Eric Carle
The Greedy Triangle – Marilyn Burns
Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon - Patty Lovell
So What? - Miriam Cohen
Accept and Value Each Person – Cheri Meiners
Being Tolerant – Jill Donahue
People are Different – Ann Clark
Tolerance – Connie Miller
Don’t Laugh at Me – Steve Seskin


How Kind– Mary Murphy
Glenna’s Seeds – Nancy Edwards
Be Polite and Kind – Cheri Meiners
Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink – Diane DeGroat

Thank You, Mr. Falker – Patricia Polacco
Our Teacher’s In a Wheelchair – Mary Ellen Powers
Some Kids Use Wheelchairs – Lola Schaefer
Some Kids are Blind – Lola Schaefer
Some Kids are Deaf - Lola Schaefer
Can You Hear a Rainbow? – the story of a deaf boy named Chris – James Heelan


Judy Moody Declares Independence – Megan McDonald
Being Responsible – Cassie Mayer
Arthur’s Computer Disaster – Marc Brown

I’m Proud – Elizabeth Crary
I’m Terrific - Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
Loudmouth George and the Fishing Trip - Nancy Carlson