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Global Contexts

Global Contexts

Global contexts direct learning towards independent and shared inquiry into our common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet. Using the world as the broadest context for learning, MYP students can develop meaningful explorations of:
Global Context Examples
Identity and relationships Examine the question, "How does poetry influence me?"
Orientation in space and time

Explore the development of technology since the invention of the computer.

Personal and cultural expression Perform a song for peers and have a question-and-answer session
Scientific and technical innovation Design a 3D model of a solar device with instructions for construction
Fairness and Development Investigate how, in history, different cultures have made use of energy for different needs
Globalization and Sustainability

Evaluate the costs and benefits of bringing clean drinking water to underdeveloped nations.

Our teachers are also engaged in other aspects of MYP lessons, such as designing “inquiry questions” to enhance student learning. Years ago we might have asked the question, “Who was the first person to circumnavigate the globe?” When we hoped to develop students’ higher-level thinking skills, we asked “What influence did Magellan’s sailing around the world have on his culture?” and “Did the American culture change in similar ways as a result of John Glenn’s traveling to the moon?” Using the MYP frameworks, we would ask a question that might be phrased like this: “Why do people explore?” and “What values or elements are typically a part of a culture that encourages adventure and discovery?” On another topic, in addition to asking, “What were the causes of the Spanish-American War?” we would go on to ask the question “Why do nations go to war?”
There are a number of aspects of the MYP, including the design of assignments and assessments, all in our effort to provide the BEST education we can for our students, your children.