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Component Header

Do you see the "Webmaster" in the title above (or the “About Me” on your pages) – how it’s gold on black?  That’s a component header.  You can add that in any component. Just click the arrow next to Component Header Options and make sure the "Show Component Header" box is checked.

Adding New Pages/Nested Child Pages

New Page: When you log in, you can choose from the "Your Pages" dropdown menu or you can click on the name of your school. Click "Content Pages" the "Open All. Scroll to your name (main page). 
Click the + sign to add a new page (from your list of Content pages)
A general tip is also to use two windows when you set up a new page (you get to choose one or two windows).  I usually put links on the right and text on the left. But that’s up to you of course. You can also copy pages so you don’t have to copy and paste the same links from page to page. Then you can rename the page on the General tab.
Nested Child Pages: If you want to add yet another level to your navigation, here's the way to do it:
Create a new Child page (New Page instructions above).  In the "General Tab", unclick the checkbox. 
Unchecking this will hide this Page in the Dynamic Navigation 
Then just add a link to your new page.  The page will not show up in the left navigation, but you still can create another level of pages. 

Adding Links that Open in a New Window

You can add links to other web pages or to websites by adding a Files & Links Component (preferred), a Links Component or by highlighting the text in a Text Component.
In a Text Component, highlight the text you'd like to link, and then click the chain icon. In the dialogue box that opens, add the URL that the link will go to.  Don't forget to add the entire web address including the (or open the page and copy and paste from the address bar) and then click the drop down that says Target.  Choose "New Window." This is recommended so your visitor doesn't need to use the back button to return to your page.    
In a Links Component, after you add a new link, just check the box “Display Link in New Window.”   

Copying & Pasting Text

You can avoid taking the background and avoid other text issues when you copy and paste text if you use the clipboard icon with the straight lines on it to paste your text.  That strips all the extraneous code out of the text. Or you can use the clipboard with the W on it to retain formatting but lose the background if you paste from Word.

Do Not Post Copyrighted Material

There are many permissible ways for teachers to use material that is copyrighted.  Posting them on our website is not one of them! 
Fair use, a legal term,  allows limited use of copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder for certain purposes, including teaching. A simple Google search can reveal if we have any downloads on our website that might infringe on an institution or an author's copyrighted material.  Please click here to read about using copyrighted material in teaching.

Nesting pages/hiding a page/forwarding a page

Any page you add will show up in your left column navigation but… if you don’t want it to show up there, just add a new page and go to the General Settings tab.  
To NEST or HIDE a Page: Uncheck the box "Show in Dynamic Navigation." 
Hiding a page is useful if you're still working on it and don't want it seen just yet, or if you want to create a page just for a specific purpose or class that is not for the general public.  Since it won't be seen in the navigation, you'll need to give the URL to those you want to access the page - similar to password protecting it on your eBoard.
To NEST this page, create a link to the page from any page on your site.
Open the page (View Page) and copy the link from the address bar, then paste it into a Link Component or embed in a text box or News Article box by highlighting the text and clicking the chain link button and pasting the link there.
For example:
 image - instructional
You can link to any page this way.
TO FORWARD a page to another page - this is useful if you have pages in TWO or more schools and don't want to create 2 or more of the same pages.
Under the General Setting Tab, uncheck the box "Show in Dynamic Navigation."
Scroll down and add a link to the page you want it to go to. When someone clicks the link in the directory for that page, it will forward to the page you have entered. 

Add a video from YOUTUBE

(Be careful the video is not copyrighted!)
Under the video on YouTube, hit Share, then Embed, then copy.
Go to your page, add a Script component, Edit, paste the code.  
Add the title or a component header and you’re golden.
If you don't want the video to play on your page, add a link to the video instead.

Adding a News Article

All text in the subheader will appear on your page.
Good habits to get into include:
•      Shut off the Read More option at the bottom of the page - unless it's a long article. Then make sure the read more checkbox is clicked and put a few sentences in the subheader, and place the full text in the "Article Text" box. So people will know there's more, add - "Click the title to read more.."
•      Each article can be controlled independently of the other.  

More +

Adding (embedding) a Google Calendar (or anything else)

To embed content from an external source, you will first need to get an embed code from them.
To get your Google Calendar embed code, you can follow these steps:
• Visit your Google Calendar on the web, on Google’s site.
• Click the Settings Menu icon, which resembles a gear.
• Click Settings in the dropdown menu that appears.
• In the navigation bar on the left, click the name of your calendar, which usually has a colored dot to the left of it.
• In the main column to the right of the navigation bar, scroll down to find the Integrate Calendar section.
• Copy the Embed Code here, which you will use to embed this calendar in the CMS.
General Embedding
 • Click to edit the Content Page where you would like to embed your content.
• Click the Add Page Component button. 
• Select the Type of component you would like add, choosing the Script Window component. 
• Click Add Component to add this component to your page. 
• Click to Edit your Script Window component. 
• In the Script HTML box, paste in your embed code. 
• Click Save below to save your changes. 
• Your content will now be embedded on this page on your public-facing website. 


Ask a Question

Please send me an email if you have a question that you need answered:
All public online sites must be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please click the link for more insight.

Liquid Features


You no longer change window widths (in fact, Window 2 itself is less necessary now because you can basically have one window with multiple columns). The format below in 1 window would give you 3 columns (we are on a 12 column grid system now).

 Column widths chart
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