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Second Graders Become Digital Publishers
North Ridge Primary second graders and other primary school students throughout the district are channeling their creativity with the aid of technology.
 Students in Mrs. Maureen MacKenzie’s class are using “Book Creator” software to become digital content creators.
 The students have been communicating through the software with second-grade pen pals at Sycamore Avenue Elementary in the Connetquot School District. The pen pals then collaborated on a digital book that can include writing, photos, audio and video.
 The technology allows, with teacher clearance, for the book then to be published and viewed by parents. Then, proud parents can share the published work with other family members.
 Alise Pulliam, the district’s executive director for instructional technology, recently introduced “Book Creator” to Commack primary students. Ultimately, all grade levels will be introduced to the software.
 Administrators from throughout the district visited Mrs. MacKenzie’s class on Thursday to learn more about the students’ creations.

 “These are children in the second grade,” Pulliam said, “and they’re already digital creators.”