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COURSE GUIDE: 2018-2019

Dear 7th Grade students, parents, and guardians:

Welcome!  This year in social studies we will be focusing on the study of United States and New York history.  We will explore history as far back as human migration to North America through the Civil War.  This guide provides important information about this course.  Please read it carefully and sign the bottom of the student profile sheet.  


Unit Tests and Quizzes (50% of grade)

There will be several unit tests and quizzes throughout each quarter.  These may contain multiple choice, short answer, and/or essay questions.  For each unit test or quiz students are responsible for that unit's material plus any new material announced ahead of time.  Dates will be posted in class and on E-Board in advance.  Any student who is absent will be expected to make it up on the first day he or she is back in school unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time.

Long-Term Assignments (20% of Grade)

Long-term assignments allow students to enhance their knowledge of social studies through work done both in and out of class over an extended period of time.  Specific requirements for long-term assignments are discussed in class and well in advance of the due date.

Homework & Classwork (25 % of Grade)

=         Homework: Homework prepares students for class by reviewing previous material or introducing new information.  Expect to do homework daily.  Even when a graded homework is not assigned, you must review the material we learned in class.  Missed homework that we do not go over in class may be handed in for partial credit (full credit if due to an absence) the day after the assignment is due (or the day the student returns from school).

=         Class work:  Like Homework, in-class assignments are key to success in this class.  Late class work assignments are not accepted unless due to absence.  Each unit, expect to take at least one unannounced quiz related to the content we’ve learned in class.  This is to ensure that you are keeping up with the material.  These quizzes will count as classwork grades.

=         Grading: Homework and class work assignments have different point values depending on the length and difficulty of each assignment.  Shorter assignments that we go over in class but are not collected are usually worth five points.  Longer assignments, which are usually collected, are worth ten.  Rubrics for these assignments are below, however more long-term homework/classwork project will have separate grading criteria.    



5: Assignment fully completed with effort

9-10: Assignment completed with outstanding effort and few or no errors.

4: Assignment mostly completed, some effort is shown.

7-8: Assignment mostly completed, few parts missing/lacking effort; 9 or 10 handed in late

3: Partially completed; lacking effort or a 5 handed in late

5-6: Assignment is partially completed; may be lacking effort or contain significant errors; a 7 or 8 handed in late

1-2: 3 or 4 handed in late

3-4:  5 or 6 handed in late

Participation & Preparedness (5% of Grade)

Students are expected to participate in class activities each day and be prepared with the following items...

=         Three-ring binder with loose-leaf, organized and up-to-date

                All class materials should be dated and placed neatly in a binder.  All materials should be arranged in order by date.  Be sure to always have a supply of paper for notes and class work.

=         Student Agenda

                The agenda should be used every day to record assignments and upcoming tests and quizzes.

=         A pen or pencil!  Always come to class with something to write with!  You will not be given pens or pencils.

=         A highlighter.  Always bring a highlighter to class as it will help us annotate historical documents and notes.



Students can choose to RESPECT their teachers and classmates by following a few common sense rules...

1.       Arrive on time to class and be in your seat when the bell rings.

2.       Follow directions the first time they are given.

3.       Raise your hand and wait to be called on to speak.

4.       Remain in your seat and ready to learn until dismissed by the teacher.

5.       Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

6.       Use positive language and speak to others the way you would want to be spoken to.

When students decide not to follow the rules, a three step discipline procedure is used:

                Step 1:  A private discussion with the teacher

                Step 2:  Teacher detention may be given and/or a phone call home

                Step 3: Three or more violations of any rule results in a dean's referral

*Any behavior that threatens another person's well-being or causes a major disruption in the classroom will be referred to the dean immediately the FIRST time it occurs.



Any work submitted by a student is expected to be his or her own.  Copying someone else's ideas and presenting them as your own is cheating.  This includes copying a test paper, copying from a book or website without quoting it, or copying a classmate's homework.  This will result in a ZERO for all students involved.




                After school extra help will be held weekly.  A specific day will be announced, but it will be held immediately after school.  Additional extra help will also be given on the morning of a test and is available at other times by appointment. 



=         Agendas:             Students are responsible for writing all homework assignments along with upcoming tests, quizzes, and long term assignments in their agendas.  Parents can use this as a communication tool.

=         Microsoft 365:   A Microsoft Group has been established for us to interact both inside and out of class.  We will use this to learn about what we will be discussing in class, share readings and/or articles, communicate with our classmates, and submit work.  Time in class will be committed to setting up student accounts.

=         Absences:           It is essential that students take responsibility for catching up on what they missed when absent.  This is where the 365 can help you!  It is up to the STUDENT to get materials from the 365, catch up as best as they can at home, and attend extra help if needed.  The textbook is another good resource for catching up on missed material. 

=         Contact:               Feel free to email or call with any questions or concerns; I will try to respond within 24 hours:

[email protected]

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