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Commack School District

Excellence in Education


CHS Science Department

CHS Science Department

Director:  Ms. Laura Longo
Lead Teacher: Mr. Charles Guercia

The experimental sciences are an integral part of a well-rounded educational experience. In order to understand and make decisions in our increasingly technological world, we feel that it is important for each Commack student to explore the tenents of biology, chemistry, the living environment, and physics at a level appropriate to their interest and ability.

Each of the various disciplines emphasizes different talents and abilities. The determination of the correct course level in each discipline will be made through cooperative discussions between the teacher, student, counselor and parent.

Electives, some in specific areas and others spanning several disciplines, are offered to expose students to new ways of thinking and new situations, satisfy curiosity, pique interest, and provide career guidance. These courses, in addition to our required offerings, insure that our students are well equipped for the scientific and technological decisions which will undoubtedly arise in their futures.