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College Courses

College Credit Courses

College Co-Enrolled Courses:  Commack High School also offers advanced study options through cooperative programs with several colleges and universities. These include Adelphi, St. John’s , Long Island University/C.W. Post, Stony Brook and Suffolk Community College.  Co-enrolled courses allow students to buy credits through these colleges at discounted prices.  Students will be able to use these credits toward the affiliated college if they end up attending that school.  Also, they will often be able to use the credits toward other colleges if those colleges choose to accept the credits.  For further information about specific co-enrolled courses and university affiliations,  please read the Counseling Center Curriculum Guide.

College Course Affiliations 

   for Credit

-LIU Post

      College Accounting, College Business/Personal Law, College English Composition, 

      College Anatomy & Physiology, IB Business Management, College Computer Applications, College Health Professionals

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-Molloy University

College Sculpture and Ceramics, College Advertising Design, College Computer Illustration, College Advanced Algebra, IB/AP Computer Science
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-St. John’s University

       IB Economics, College Calculus, IB Language (Span, French, Italian), 

      College American Sign Language 3

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-Stony Brook

       Latin 3, IB Latin SL

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-Syracuse University

       College Chem Forensics, College Sociology

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-Adelphi University

       College Sports Medicine, IB Sports, Exercise & Health Science

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-Suffolk County Community College

       College Geology, College Marine Biology, College Pre-Calculus, 

       College TV Studio/Adv Studio Production, College Spanish/Italian Language & Culture 2, College Traditional Photography, College Digital Photography

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-Rochester Institute of Technology

        PLTW courses except PLTW/AP Computer Science Principles

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-North Dakota State University

      PLTW/AP Computer Science Principles (Classes taken 2018-2022)

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-St. Joseph’s University
College Game Design
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-Five Towns College
AP Music Theory, College Chorale 12, College Symphonic Band 12, College Symphonic Orchestra 12
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