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Music Department Curriculum

Music Department Curriculum

In sixth, seventh, or eighth grade music, students have the opportunity to participate in one of the courses below:
  • Orchestra
  • Band
  • Chorus
  • General Music (6th and 7th grade)
Additionally, students who especially enjoy singing have the opportunity to join a Lunch Chorus which meets on alternate days during the lunch period. Students in Lunch Chorus go first to the music class for 20 minutes, then are escorted by the music teacher to the cafeteria where they eat their lunch in the remaining 20 minutes of the period.

In Orchestra, Band, and Chorus, students will:

  • further develop playing or choral singing skills.
  • continue to develop a greater understanding of musical elements including:
    • pitch
    • rhythm
    • melody
    • harmony 
    • timbre
    • form
    • expression
    • style.
    • deepen their appreciation for music through a wide variety of performance opportunities.
    In General Music, students will develop:
    • a greater appreciation for all aspects of music through listening to a variety of musical styles.
    • the ability to play an active role in "music making" when using keyboards, tone bells, percussion instruments, and guitars.
    • basic keyboard skills.
    • an understanding of music elements.
    • a greater understanding of music through hands-on performance using the keyboard, tone bells, the guitar, and percussion instruments.