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The SAT and ACT exams are nationally administered standardized exams that help colleges evaluate students for admission.  
  • Both, the SAT and ACT are accepted by most colleges across the country.  
  • The SAT exam is a two part aptitude test that consists of a math and evidenced based reading.  
  • The ACT exam is an achievement test that includes English, math, reading, and science sections, as well as an optional writing section.    

For additional information or to register for a test call or visit:

Review Classes:
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Princeton Review: What is LiveOnline?

Princeton Review: Current Courses Offered

Princeton Review: Year Round Support Options

Please consider all academic, work, testing and driver’s education schedules when selecting any review courses.

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Additional Resources: 

Khan Academy  Information on Personalized SAT Practice Through College Board 

Methodize Offers SAT/ACT prep course (school district funded) through Castle Learning.