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Commack School District

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School-Based Management Committees

School-Based Management Committees

Effective management of our schools can be enhanced by greater participation of teachers, parents, administrators and support staff. The Commack District believes that shared decision making at the school level can improve the quality of learning for all children, making education more effective and efficient.

The Board of Education created a District Planning Committee that developed this School-Based Management Plan. The composition of the District Planning Team included:

  1. Three (3) parents/guardians (who are not employed by the District) selected by
                 the PTA Council.

  2. Three (3) teachers selected by the Commack Teachers Association

  3. Three (3) administrators selected by the Commack Administrative and
                Supervisory Association (CASA).

  4. Superintendent's designee.

  5. The Superintendent of Schools, Chairperson.