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Computer classes are always exciting and creative. Children who visit the Rolling Hills Computer Lab know how to launch programs such as "Kidspiration." Kidspiration is a visual learning tool that helps children to organize and categorize information. Students are able to brainstorm ideas, make connections and communicate their thoughts through the use of graphics, letters and words. They can create webs, graphic organizers and super groupers as a culminating activity.

    All of the children at Rolling Hills have been working with many programs that allow them to create, explore and interact. Some of these programs are Millie's Math House, Bailey's Book House, Kidpix, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. 

   Technology is a wonderful tool to promote children's cognitive and social abilities. This software provides our students with educational experiences that are interesting and enjoyable. Students will learn how to use all the components of the computer while interacting with some of the most current innovative websites like Brainpopjr. and PebbleGo.  The programs are all curriculum related and address the New York State Standards for achievement and understanding.