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Water Testing Results

Water Testing - Required Reporting

Water Testing - Required Reporting

Drinking Water Test Results:

The Commack School District proactively began testing the water in all water fixtures in the District for lead content in 2015. All drinking fountains and sinks that were found to have elevated levels were immediately taken off-line. Those fixtures have either been replaced, addressed with signage*, continue to be turned off pending further remediation methods, or permanently turned off/removed. At this time, all of our schools’ active water sources have tested safe for drinking and cooking.

During the summer of 2016, an additional twenty-nine (29) hydration stations were installed throughout the District, which dispense cooled, filtered water to refill water bottles or to drink directly from the fountains. Please click the link on the bottom of this page to view the required public posting of the water testing results. Additional remediation measures have occurred which are not reflected in this report.

In keeping with the District's policy of being proactive instead of reactive, water testing will take place periodically in the future. Please be assured that the health of our students, staff, and anyone entering our schools is of the utmost importance, and that we will continue to do all we can to maintain a safe environment for all who enter our facilities.

Click here for 2016 Water Testing Results                              

*Note: The District’s science labs have been conspicuously posted with signage stating the lab faucets, which are necessary for classroom experiments, are intended for lab use only.