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Physical Education

Physical education

Indian Hollow Physical Education Program

We start each year by reviewing rules and playground safety procedures.  Each child learns to move and play in his/her own self-space.   During this time students learn to cooperate with one another while undertaking a variety of activities.
In the fall, some of the activities in which the children participate in are Crossing The Swamp, Jumping Over The River, and Pac Man Tag.  The students continue working hard to develop a strong body and a healthy heart through their daily warm-ups.  The students jog on the track, perform push-ups and sit-ups each time they come to physical education class.  
In the winter, one unit is dedicated to Cup Stacking.  Cup Stacking allows students to focus on their right and left hands.  Students also get to use their imaginations and create cool cup creations.  In December, we have our Grade 2 Cup Stacking Night.  The students start off the night by displaying their awesome Cup Stacking skills and then the students teach their parents/guardians how to Cup Stack!
One unit in the winter is dedicated to Circus Arts.  The students love learning how to juggle scarves and balance peacock feathers in the gym!
In March, the students learn about City Street Games.  The students learn to play Jacks, Marbles, Pick-Up Sticks and Box Ball.  We also play Giant Connect Four, Chutes and Ladders and Giant Jenga.  In April, Mr. New coordinates the Indian Hollow Grade 1 Game Night!  Game Night is a fun filled night of activities, whereby students and their parents/guardians participate together!