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2nd Grade

2nd Grade

Second grade is an exciting time for students at Indian Hollow. They are the oldest in the building and will get to enjoy many second grade only activities and events. They will be the postal workers for our IH postal system, get to participate in Cup Stacking Night, and have a special year-end Moving Up ceremony.

Our ELA curriculum is based on units of different genre studies. Students will read and write their own personal narratives, realistic fiction stories, non-fiction books, poetry, and folklore. They will continue to study phonics skills through our Fundations spelling program. Students will develop their comprehension skills by retelling a story in sequence and answering questions identifying the characters, setting, problem, and solution of a text.

Second graders continue their work in addition and subtraction. They will use manipulatives, drawings, and then the standard algorithm to add and subtract within 1000. The children concentrate on place value, numbers to 500, measurement, time, and money. The students develop mathematical proficiency and reasoning through problem solving. Additionally, second graders learn to use problem-solving strategies with word problems.

The students in second grade use a multi-sensory approach in science. The children work as scientists and use their five senses as they investigate topics such as how apple trees grow, the similarities and differences between solids, liquids, and gases, and how animals and plants depend on each other to exist and adapt and grow in their environments.

Our social studies program focuses on how communities grow and change through time and how its citizens can practice their rights by following our country’s rules and laws. Students are excited to learn basic map skills, study American symbols, and read about current events in our weekly Scholastic News publication.