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Commack School District

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my child is absent from school?

Please contact our attendance office at 858-3556.

How do I request homework if my child is absent?

  • The best way to collect work is to either email your child’s teachers directly or check the teacher’s website.

How does my child make an appointment with his/her School Counselor?

  • Students can make an appointment with their School Counselor in the Counseling Center across from the auditorium, before school, after school, or during lunch. Students will receive a pass from their counselor on the morning of their visit. This pass must be shown to the classroom teacher before students come to the appointment. 
  • If there is a problem that needs our immediate attention, we will do our best to meet with your child as soon as possible. 

When do teachers offer extra help?

  • Teachers offer extra help weekly either before or after school. Please search the teacher’s website, or email the teacher directly.
  • Students are encouraged to come prepared with questions and are able to see more than one teacher during extra help.

How can I find a National Junior Honor Society tutor for my child?

How can I see my child’s report card?

  • Please refer to the school calendar for report card postings, which can be located in your Parent Portal account. If you are having difficulty accessing the Parent Portal, email: [email protected]

When should I contact my child’s School counselor?

  • To discuss academic concerns, social/emotional concerns, or behavioral issues
  • To discuss a family issue or concern
  • To discuss individual student needs
  • To set up a parent/team meeting
  • To obtain resources or community referrals