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Psychologists and Social Workers

The Role of School Psychologists and Social Workers

The Role of the School Psychologist

The psychologist’s role in the middle school involves support to school staff, parents and students regarding any academic, emotional, social or behavioral needs that may arise. The psychologist evaluates students who are referred to the CSE to assist in determining if special education services are necessary. The psychologist also provides counseling and crisis intervention services. They are an active participant in the development of functional behavior assessments & behavior plans. The school psychologist consults with teachers, administration, parents, and outside providers as an integral component on ensuring the student’s success.
  • Assessment (use a variety of techniques to evaluate cognitive skills and learning aptitudes, personality and emotional development, eligibility for special services)
  • Provide teachers and parents with strategies regarding academic and behavioral issues of student
  • Referrals for outside counseling 

The Role of the Middle School Social Worker

The Role of the Middle School Social Worker

The social worker in the middle school supports students’ academic and social success by working with the guidance and support staff, providing specialized services that include:
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Crisis intervention for students and families
  • Substance abuse prevention & awareness activities
  • Case management for students with multiple needs
  • Intervention services for students with attendance & disciplinary issues
  • Assistance for students in developing advocacy skills
  • Referrals for community resources
  • Liaison between school & community agencies
The social worker provides intensive services for students experiencing multiple risk factors to support educational success. Students and families receive assistance in obtaining resources within the school and community. The social worker is part of the comprehensive educational team of the school, working with other disciplines to provide the best educational experience for all students.