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Commack School District

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Grade 4

Grade 4

Welcome to Fourth Grade! We are going to have a truly wonderful year filled with a great curriculum, fun projects, and challenging activities. Our learning experiences will include exploring the area that we call, "New York State." Within this exploration, we will analyze the geography and people that make our state the great place that we live in. We can't wait to hear how you are going to share YOUR knowledge about New York State with us.

Technology will be integrated throughout the curriculum as we utilize such programs as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and the Internet to round out our researching and communication skills. Perhaps you would like to get started on your own research about New York State by logging on to There's a great section for students in this website.

Our math lessons will add up to fun and excitement. We will add, subtract, multiply, and divide larger numbers as well as learn about geometric lines, angles, and shapes. Do you know how to figure out how many quarts are in a gallon? Well, this year our fourth graders will become measurement experts as they explore capacity, mass, and volume. Our math knowledge will continue to grow as we learn how to multiply 2- and 3- digit numbers, and experiment with complex fraction concepts. We will also become proficient in long division and various problem solving strategies.
Are you curious about all of those animals running around your neighborhood? Well, you're in for a treat as we study all about animals and ecology! Now, don't let this shock you but you will also become an expert electrician as we study series and parallel circuits as well as magnets this year.

We will also be reading terrific and enriching literature. From picture books to chapter books, we will learn how to make connections from what we read to other books, to ourselves, and to things going on in the world. The writing process will be celebrated from start to finish as we learn how to turn our wonderful ideas into stories, poetry, research activities, and essays.

So, are you ready? Well then, let's go forth, into Fourth Grade!