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Schoolwide Enrichment

Schoolwide Enrichment

Bubble Festival
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Sawmill Intermediate School
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Room 220

STEM Fairy Tales

Schoolwide Enrichment

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STEM Waterslides

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Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Sea Turtles
This is a special week! This week is the Hour of Code, where students all around the world are learning about computer science. For this year’s Hour of Code, we’re thinking about ways to help the earth and oceans. We’re going to a short activity off-screen to learn a bit more about why ocean and beach pollution matters, and brainstorm how technology can be used as part of the solution. Then, we will jump on-screen to practice programming our own beach cleanup solutions with Kodable!
 What do you already know about the impact of trash/platics on underwater life?
 Why is ocean life and ocean health important? What are some things you know of that are causing harm to the oceans and the animals that live there?
Without oceans, none of us would be able to live here on Earth! It is important to think about what we can do to keep our oceans healthy. This is what the United Nations Development Program is all about - the UN represents almost every country on earth, and they have a goal to protect marine life from pollution. We can help!



In this activity, you will create a maze for your Fuzz to travel in order to collect beach trash and save ocean animals. Then, you will write a program to code your Fuzz through the maze. Along the way, the Fuzz will pick-up the trash and save the animal babies so they can be reunited with their family!


 Kodable: Beach Clean Up!

 Kodable: Create Your Own Fuzz

Grinch Hour of Code 

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