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Medical Assignments (in school)

General Information for in school medical assignments

Students on in school medical assignment will need to complete their Physical Education requirement through written/typed assignments provided by their Physical education Teacher.  The New York State Graduation requirement is a half credit, for all four years of High School.  Four marking periods of PE assignments is required

For ALL Assignments:

  • Any late work will receive a penalty of 3 points per class after the due date.
  • Please make sure your name and date are on all the assignments you submit.

Students are required to submit their completed work directly to their Physical Education Teacher.

Due Dates

Marking period 1  

November 5th (only assignment)


Marking period 2  

December 15th (first assignment) and January 15th (second assignment)


Marking period 3

March 1st (first assignment) and April 1st (second assignment)



Marking period 4

May 12th (first assignment) and June 1st (second assignment)


 June 1st  (for packet)

June 5th: Schedule a written test with your teacher for vocabulary and information in the MP 4 packet 

Grade 9 Medical Assignments (in school)

Grading for Each Sports Packet(If 1 sports packet points double):
Submission of packet with completed work:      10 points
Vocabulary test          10 points
Written test                        30 points       
                                              total 50 points 

Marking period 1

Marking period 2

Marking period 3

Marking period 4

Grade 10 Medical Assignments (In school)

Once you read and "study" the information in the article:
Grading:  Vocabulary 20 pts/written test 80 pts
1.  Meet with your Physical Education teacher and set a date to complete written test (before MP due date)
2.  Complete written test before the marking period due date
3.  Each class after the due date will be a 3 point deduction from your test score

Grade 11 Medical Assignments (in school)

Fitness For Life (textbook on file in library. If they run out see your PE teacher for a text book)
Attachment located at bottom of page:
•      Textbook reading (Fitness For Life) and chapter review question completion. 30 points 
•      Vocabulary sheet (20 vocabulary words from the chapters covered witth definitions typed) 10 points.
•      Vocabulary quiz(see teacher of record top arrange test date and time) 10 points
•      Written test (see teacher of record to arrange test date and time) 50 points
•      Any work submitted after the due date will be a 3 point deduction

Grade 12 Assignment links

Please make sure your work is complete, detailed and well thought out
Any work submitted after the marking period due date will be a 3 point deduction

Marking Period 1 assignment

1. Pick a major/trade/school section     


2. General admission requirement

 information       (20 points)

3. Application process/programs/

organizations      (20 points)

4. Plan of Action (50 points)  Use of APA Format - should be specific with descriptions and substance.  Show your timeline with dates, check points, etc.

                        total   100 points

MP 2 Assignment

1.  Complete each packet the submit to your teacher                    10 points
2.  Arrange a time to take your vocabulary test for each packet  (15 points each total 30 points)
3.  Arrange a time to take your exam on each packet                  (30 points each tot 60)

Grading for power point - please use APA format

20 slides                      80 points


Final printed copy        20 points

                              tot  100 points

marking period 4

Grading for sports packets:

Student response packet           10 points

Crossword puzzle/word search  10 points

Written test                               30 points

                                          tot    50 points