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Commack School District

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First Grade

First Grade

Embedded Image for:  (201699135151987_image.bmp) First grade is a year of tremendous growth, both academically and socially. First graders at North Ridge are part of a community of learners. They are embarking on the journey into reading. With big books they are introduced to shared reading. They learn to use picture clues to make predictions, track print and recognize new vocabulary. They are instructed in guided reading groups at many different levels to meet their individual needs. Through Writer's Workshop, first graders are instructed in the art of writing, exploring the many genres of literature.

Computation and problem solving are the key components of the Math program. Addition and subtraction to twenty, place value, measurement, money, time, fractions, simple geometry, and patterning are the major topics of study. Hands-on learning with manipulatives help children explore these concepts.

In Science the children work in the science lab to explore the topics of study. They discover magnets, properties, weather and living things. A trip to Sweetbriar Farm introduces the children to the wonders of nature. The Great Body Shop rounds out the program by focusing on health and wellness issues.

The Social Studies program includes four strands of learning: Identity, Economics, Geography, and Government. The children begin by learning about family and community and segue into the city, state and country. Through Town Meetings, character education and school spirit flourishes. Our annual Flag Day presentation in June brings the community together to celebrate civic pride and United States history.

The first graders' day is filled with activities that enrich their knowledge and help them become life-long learners.