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Forces and Circular Motion

IB Physics: 2.2 Force Videos and Text

Chapter 2.2: Forces
 In your textbook, please read pages 52 – 61.  
       *  FBDs 
       *  Newton's laws
       *  Friction and Inclines
IB Physics: Forces and Free Body Diagrams (21 Minutes 9 Seconds)
IB Physics: Newton I: The Law of Inertia (17 Minutes 17 Seconds)
IB Physics: Newton II: The Law of Acceleration (14 Minutes 22 Seconds)
IB Physics: Air Resistance & Terminal Speed (22 Minutes 56 Seconds)
IB Physics: Newton III Action and Reaction (14 Minutes 34 Seconds)
IB Physics: Translational Equilibrium (14 Minutes 22 Seconds)
IB Physics: Applications of Newtons Laws (13 Minutes 37 Seconds)
IB Physics: Inclined Planes (10 Minutes 38 Seconds)
IB Physics: Sliding friction (18 Minutes 52 Seconds) 

IB and Regents Physics: Free Body Diagram Answers

IB Physics: 4.1 and 4.2 Gravitation and Circular Motion Videos

IB: Circular Motion and Gravitational Forces 
You should read your Textbook Chapter 4: Circular Motion and Gravitation

  4.1 Circular Motion  Pages 125-132   (10/27 HW)
  4.2 Gravitational Field and Orbits  Pages 132-129  (10/27 HW)

Please watch the following videos below and take notes.  You need to be familiar and will be held accountable for all the information that is discussed.  Please ask me if you have any questions.
IB Physics: Universal Gravitation & Satellites  (23 min 41 sec)
Universal Gravitation Problems Practice  (7 min 55 sec)
IB Physics: Uniform Circular Motion  (25 min 27 sec)
IB Physics: Problem Solving with UCM (11 min 39 sec)