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Springs, SHM, and Rotation (Option B.1)

IB Physics: 5.1 Oscillations (SHM) Additional Practice Problems

IB Physics: Option B.1 Rotational Motion Videos and Text

You should read your Textbook Chapter 3: Thermal Physics
  10.1 Rigid Bodies and Rotational Dynamics  Pages 338-357

Please watch the following videos below and take notes.  You need to be familiar and will be held accountable for all the information that is discussed.  Please ask me if you have any questions.
IB Physics: Torque   (7 min 3 sec)
IB Physics: Rotational Inertia?  (9 min 14 sec)
IB Physics: Rotational Equilibrium?  (13 min 44 sec)
IB Physics: Rotational Kinematics  (14 min 11 sec)?
IB Physics: Rotational Dynamics??  (13 min 54 sec)
IB Physics: Rolling  ?(16 min 58 sec)
IB Physics: Angular Momentum  ?(12 min 40 sec)

IB Physics: Option B.1 Rotational Motion Additional Videos

These videos are in addition to the Chris Donner work on angular motion to help you understand the topic.
Relationship between angular velocity and speed | Physics | Khan Academy
Tangential and Angular Velocity 
Simple Harmonic Motion
Part 1: Solving for d, v, a (10 min 2 sec)
Part 2: Max d and v / d and v at different locations (6 Min 34 sec)
Part 3: Period and frequency
Energy Conservation and SHM (7 min 19 sec)