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Measurement and IB Errors and Uncertainty

IB Physics: 1.1 and 1.2 Measurement and Uncertainty Videos

These are the Chris Doner videos you need to watch in order understand how to perform your IB Physics Internal Assessment
 IB Physics: Orders of Magnitude
(11 Minutes 14 Seconds)
IB Physics: Uncertain Digits, Significant Digits and Scientific Notation
 (19 Minutes 00 Seconds)

IB Physics: Accuracy and Precision, Systematic Error and Random Uncertainty
(8 Minutes 53 Seconds)

IB Physics: Recording Uncertainties
(16 Minutes 32 Seconds)

IB Physics: Propagating Uncertainties
(15 Minutes 17 Seconds)

IB Physics: Determining Uncertainty in slope and Y intercept
(11 Minutes 31 Seconds)

IB Physics: Linearization
(20 Minutes 21 Seconds)

IB Physics: Unit Conversions & Dimensional Analysis
(17 Minutes 39 Seconds)

IB Physics: Experimental Techniques for Internal Assessment

IB Physics: Formulas, Trendlines and Error bars in Excel
(11 Minutes 28 Seconds)
IB Physics: Using Excel 2013 for Linearization
 (12 Minutes 13 Seconds)
IB Physics: Using Excel to Draw Maximum and Minimum slope lines
(7 Minutes 27 Seconds)
IB Physics: Uncertainty in Slope using Excel's LINEST 
(7 Minutes 03 Seconds) 

Internal Assessment: Max, Min, and Line of Best Fit

Practice IA: Hooke's Law- Data, Calculations, and Graphing

Practice IA: Co-efficient of Friction

Question: What is the coefficient of friction, µ, between a block and the lab floor?

Answer: Using the data collected in class, answer the question and organize their ideas following the format of the IB Design Aspects listed in the IB Rubric.

Aspect 1: Personal Engagement

Aspect 2: Exploration

Aspect 3: Analysis

Aspect 4: Evaluation

Aspect 5: Communication

Data is Listed below, construct a scatterplot/graph: label the axis, plot the points, draw and explain the error bars (no repeatability error provided), draw and find the slope of the line of best fit.

Force (N)    Force of  (N)
Normal      Friction
0.0               0.00

5.3               1.42

7.3               1.87

12.2             3.18

15.1             4.10

17.1             4.51