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Work, Power, and Energy

2.4 IB Physics: Energy, Work, Power Videos and Text

Read textbook and review sample problems:
    2.4 Work, Power and Energy  Pages 73-91  
    Answer to the textbooks problems can be found online using your textbook electronic key located on the cover.
IB Physics: Work and Energy (23 Minutes 17 Seconds)
IB Physics: Kinetic, Gravitational and Elastic Potential Energies (28 Minutes 33 Seconds)
IB Physics: Conservation of Energy (15 Minutes 43 Seconds)
IB Physics: Power and Efficiency (18 Minutes 12 Seconds)

IB: 8 Physics. Energy Production Videos and Text

You should read your Textbook Chapter 8: Energy Production
  8.1 Energy Production  Pages 271-288
  8.2 Global Thermal Energy Transfer  Pages 289-303

Please watch the following videos below and take notes.  You need to be familiar and will be held accountable for all the information that is discussed.  Please ask me if you have any questions.
IB Physics: Power Plant Basics  (13 min 57 sec)
IB Physics: Solar, Pumped Storage and Wind Power  (18 min 18 sec)
IB Physics: Nuclear Power  (20 min 25 sec)
IB Physics: The Greenhouse Effect   (11 min 52 sec)
IB Physics: Concepts for a Thermal Climate Model  (22 min 58 sec)
IB Physics: The Energy Balance Climate Model  (23 min 7 sec)