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Commack School District

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Course Outline

Commack High School– Dr. Gasser   

Welcome to Physics - I hope that our journey through the physics explored in this course will help you better understand and enjoy the world in which we live!

Tests and quizzes (announced or unannounced) will make up 50% of the marking period grade.  Some quizzes will be brief while exams can consume a whole class period.  

Homework and class work make up 20% of the marking period grade.  Most homework assignments will be provided using Castle Learning.  Theses assignments are given at the beginning of the week and are due on Friday.  Late homework will not be accepted.

Laboratory investigations and projects are worth 20% of the marking period grade.  The lab grade includes the quality of your participation in lab activities, lab reports, and lab journal entries.  All lab work must be completed in order to receive a marking period grade.  A missed lab or journal entry must be made up during the first scheduled extra help session after the in-class lab.  Labs must stapled and handed in at the beginning of the class that they are due.  You are expected to make and maintain a copy of the labs for your use.

Participation will count for 10% of your grade

Get involved!  Ask questions! Don’t let yourself get behind in the work – it is really hard to catch up!
Extra-help will occur on online this year.  I encourage you to attend!  

For all assignments, activities, or assessments in this class, unethical actions such as cheating, copying, and/or plagiarism will result in a zero on the assignment, for all students involved!!  Although you will work in a lab group and you may discuss your data and analysis with a classmate, your lab must be the product of your own efforts!

 Required Supplies
A calculator every day !
Protractor and ruler
Colored pencils
Loose-leaf binder for class notes and handouts
Please bring your own supplies since with COVID, I can not give you supplies to share.  
When you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to communicate with your classmates to obtain the notes and assignments. Since exam dates are announced in advance, being absent the day before an exam does not excuse you from taking the test.

If you have any questions about the information listed on this sheet, please see me or e-mail me at [email protected]

IB Students: Please use the attached Data Booklet to help answer home problems.

IB Physics: Textbook Registration

Lab Format Policy

-Labs are generally graded out of 10 points
-Suggested point values are indicated by parenthesis
-Labs are typed (graphs and calcuations can be written)
-Labs are broken up according to the headings listed below
-Students are responsible for making a copy of a lab which is not submitted for grading 
-Minus 1 point for each day a lab is not turned in on time
-Labs are due in at the beginning of class already stapled in printed form

Palgiarism is unacceptable- Students must do their own calculations and present their work in their own words.

Heading- Name, teacher, date, lab partners

Purpose/Hypothesis (1/2) - Define problem or research question and formulate a hypothesis; make a prediction based upon hypothesis; state variables and measured quantities

 Materials, Diagram, and Procedure (1 1/2) - Diagram should be neat, clear, and completely labeled; procedure should be outlined

Data (2) - Correct significant figures, neat, complete, labeled with units
                Data should be presented in tabular form
Calculations, Analysis, Graphs, and Questions (3) - Sample calculations with units; graphs on graph paper with axis and points labeled; slope calculations clearly shown with points used clearly indicated; questions written out and answered in complete sentences

Conclusion Statement (1) - State results; relate conclusion to purpose/hypothesis; compare to known values from the internet; must be consistent with data

Source of Error (1) - Minimum of 2 significant errors; be specific; can not repeat same error (use human error twice).  Must offer suggestions on how to minimize the errors

 Participation and Safety (1) - Works Cooperatively; works safely; uses time constructively; returns equipment in good working order; self motivated

Point values are approximate and vary depending on the lab being conducted.  The points listed are only a sample of how you can be assessed.