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Commack School District

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Computer Technology Program

Computer Science Department

Joseph Bisulca – Computers Lead Teacher

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” -Albert Einstein

CMS Technology

CMS Technology

      Students will graduate from the Commack Middle School with a well-balanced education, which includes the knowledge to implement and utilize computer technology. CMS is doing its best to ensure that our students possess that knowledge.
      All of the classrooms at CMS have state-of-the-art technology. All classrooms have been updated to host a Window XP network to maintain a safe, secure connection to the internet. Many of the new classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards and VHS and DVD players (soon to be building-wide) to enhance the curriculum. The interactive whiteboard enables teachers to write notes, insert diagrams, link to websites and save their work for future use.
      The Middle School also has five computer labs equipped with the same technology and high-quality, networked computers along with laser and color printers. Each computer provides our students with the latest productivity and educational applications available. Students are able to develop their knowledge with an array of drawing, spreadsheet, graphing, word-processing, data-base and multimedia programs; while teachers are able to enhance the curriculum and the students’ learning experience with similar applications.
      At CMS, we strive to provide our students with a complete education, which is integrated with computer technology, to enable them to acquire a comprehensive knowledge base and develop successful future careers. As technology evolves in the future, we will incorporate it into our students’ education and do our best to develop outstanding technology-based curriculums.

Student Exit Benchmarks

Student Exit Benchmarks

The benchmarks below served as a guide for curriculum planning and implementation in 2004-05. They are modified yearly to reflect the changing technology and current practices.

To ensure that our students possess the needed computer skills to succeed in the real world and with the intentions of developing a diverse educational experience, each department has created an array of technology benchmarks. These benchmarks are layered goals that measure each student’s acquiring and mastering specific skills as he/she progresses through the Middle School. Each benchmark has been developed to meet and enhance the requirements in each discipline as specified by the New York State Learning Standards.
The Computer Club is open to all students interested in working on the computer for enjoyment or to improve their skills and understanding of computer technology. Click on Clubs on the homepage to learn more about the Computer Club.