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Commack School District

Excellence in Education



CMS Science Department

Laura Longo, Director of Science, K-12 
Ann Marie Ferreri, Science Lead Teacher

All of the Commack Middle School science curriculums are designed to cultivate inquiring minds about science and the natural world, encourage transferable thinking skills, and promote positive social relationships among all learners within the school community. To this end, the students are engaged in hands-on lessons that develop:
  • scientific, mathematical, technological, and literacy skills so that students acquire relevant and essential knowledge.
  • an appreciation and understanding of the scientific process in order to carry out scientific investigations.
  • the ability to record, organize, process, and interpret data.
  • communication skills that enable students to present scientific information in a variety of formats, through a variety of modes, using appropriate scientific language.
  • problem-solving skills, practical skills, and intellectual rigor.
  • an awareness of the interdependence between science and society and the willingness to act responsibly.
  • the disposition and capacity to become lifelong learners in a rapidly changing world.
  • the capacity and self-confidence to act both individually and collaboratively.
  • respect for others and an appreciation of similarities and differences.