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Commack School District

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Commack Middle School is committed to interdisciplinary teaming

  • It allows our large school to be broken up into family-like houses and fosters a sense of belonging in our students and staff.
  • It helps students make connections among the different subjects, to enhance their learning and understanding.
  • It promotes the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program and the district character education curriculum. 

What Is Teaming?

What Is Teaming?

Interdisciplinary teams provide a connection between (“inter”) several subject areas (“disciplines”). Interdisciplinary teams involve teachers who are specialists in different subject areas, who work together combining their expertise and integrating topics of study wherever possible.

Teachers on the same team meet regularly to plan and to discuss interdisciplinary instruction and other issues of common interest and concern.

The team representative serves as team leader at team meetings and acts as a liaison to the administration, parents and students on the team.

Students on the same team move from class to class as usual, but they benefit from their teachers' sharing common expectations, procedures, classroom rules, goals and planning time.

How Does Teaming Benefit Students?

How Does Teaming Benefit Students?

Students know they have a valuable identity on the team, creating in their house and in our school a family-like atmosphere for each child that promotes self-esteem and positive social interaction.
Students have teachers who are subject specialists, but there is coordination of the different subject areas in an interdisciplinary program, which allows students to see how their learning in school relates to the real world.
Interdisciplinary units and activities can be developed by the teachers to meet the needs and interests of the students.

Teachers can better focus on the needs of each student through a team effort.

Homework assignments, test grades, and extra-help sessions can be coordinated to enable students to best organize their study time and efforts.
Skills can be better taught when integrated throughout all the disciplines.
Team planning periods can be used for pupil and parent conferences as well as for coordination of instruction.
A discipline code for the entire team can be established and implemented cooperatively.
A common set of rules, procedures, and expectations can be established, helping the students to better plan and organize their work and to be more productive.
Special activities, field trips, interdisciplinary displays, community and service activities, and other events can be scheduled to enhance interdisciplinary instruction and to build team spirit.

CMS Teams

CMS Teams

6th Grade Teams D-House Teams C-House Teams

If you have a question about your child's progress in a specific subject area, please contact that teacher directly. If you have a concern that involves all of your child's academic teachers, please contact your child's guidance counselor. [CMS Guidance Department]