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Health Department

Health at Commack Middle School

Health is an interesting course where students learn about making wise choices, preventing common diseases, avoiding destructive habits, and nurturing attitudes and practices that encourage good choices and lifelong wellness. All of our class lessons are designed to suit the students’ abilities, spark their interest, and meet the NYS Learning Standards for Health Education. Our objective is to enable students to make appropriate decisions relative to good health, and to make students aware of the benefits of personal well-being to themselves and to the society in which they live.

In Health students will be provided with the tools they need to make wise choices and avoid destructive habits, and with knowledge of disease prevention and the cultivation of healthful habits that encourage good choices and life-long wellness.

Health is a separate course of study for all sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students, and it is offered as a ten-week course each year as part of our Art, Technology, and Family & Consumer Sciences wheel.