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CMS Virtual Art Show 2020-2021

Welcome to the CMS Virtual Art Show.  Please click on the link to celebrate the wonderful artwork created by 6th, 7th and 8th grade art students from Commack Middle School.  The support and love from our community and staff is invaluable to our students in these trying times.  We hope you enjoy the show!

Art at the Middle School


Art department

Welcome to the Commack Middle School Blue Ribbon Art Department! 

In accordance with the NYS Standards and the elements of the I.B. Middle Years Program, we offer developmentally aligned 10-week courses at each grade level.

CMS Art Curriculum Overview 
6th Grade: Foundations
6th grade art is part of the elementary art program. In CMS it provides the reinforcement of foundation concepts and skills.
Art language: Elements of Art and Principles of Design
Color theory
Exploration of materials and methods
Promotion of social and emotional learning
Interdisciplinary connections and understanding of multiple viewpoints
7th Grade: Identity
Focus on the individual artist and their response to the world around them.
Personal awareness and expression
Introduction of symbolic content such as: abstraction, surrealism and visual metaphor.
Engagement in observation and analysis and promoting self-reflection.
8th Grade: Public Art
Focus on the cultural aspects of the influence of art in community and society.      
How art has contributed to our understanding of the development of civilizations
How art impacts culture and society
How art influences innovative solutions in various disciplines
CMS Art Grading Policy
Under each heading, what the criteria actually “looks like” may take the form of any of the bulleted indicators.
Specific unit and skills studied (to be filled in by teacher).Percentage Student Score 
 Knowledge and Understanding: link between knowledge acquired and artwork created.
• Investigation, research
• Process planning: ideas reflecting concepts, brainstorming, problem solving skills
• Demonstrate awareness of the relationship of art form, context and appropriate art language
 Application: development of skills and techniques of art form studied.
• Preliminary sketches
• Application of learned skills and techniques
• Craftsmanship of completed work
 Reflection: response to process can be written, visual, audio or a combination of these and may include both paper and electronic formats.
• Evidence of intent
• Demonstrate exploration of ideas
• Thoughtful reflection on their art making process supporting artistic decisions
 Personal Engagement
• Organization
• Collaboration
• Communication
 Additional Comments:  100 

The art department is proud to advise three very popular clubs. Please click on the Clubs page for more information on the Art Club, Art and Literary Magazine- Illusions, and CMS Unplugged.